With wall panels from 3HD Building Systems, you’ll save time and money. We construct our panels in a controlled environment, using laser technology to ensure consistent quality and fit. We then deliver to your site as a complete package, reducing construction delays, which allows you to build your project faster and more efficiently.


You may be wondering, “Why use wall panels?”

Using wall panels expedites installation which requires fewer framers on site, making management of your resources on site less time consuming and more efficient. Utilizing wall panels also requires less cutting and nailing, reducing the risk of job-site injuries.

A crane lowers lumber on the roof of an apartment complex under construction


Being built in a controlled environment using laser technology, our wall panels are square, properly sized and fitted to companion panels, all to your project’s specifications.

A building under construction


Because 3HD’s panels come ready to install, your materials are not left lying around for someone else to steal.

A trailer stacked with prefabricated walls ready for use


Because we deliver our panels as a complete package, you’ll reduce waste from inaccurately cut lumber, so you won’t spend as much on waste on your site. We reduce and reuse as much lumber as possible to get the most out of every piece we receive at our facility.

Photo of digital blueprints being displayed on a computer screen


If necessary, you can make field adjustments to wall panels without needing any sealed drawings if plans do change.


Lumber prices constantly fluctuate, while panel prices are more consistent, allowing you to calculate your costs more accurately. Our wall panels are designed to your exact specifications, so you know what you are paying for well before they arrive at the job site. This makes for easier budget tracking and ensures costs won’t fluctuate with timelines.